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About Us

Denis A. Barrett Group was born in 2009, from a company that was started in 2003 and comprises a collection of unique companies that share important values and outlooks on how to do business in Ireland, Europe and further afield.

Whilst retaining our traditional values, we have also embraced the best modern technology has to offer, allowing us to provide a fast, efficient service while retaining our highly prized personal touch.

What we do?

The Denis A. Barrett Group comprises of a unique collection of departments companies that share important values and outlooks on how to do business in Ireland, Europe and further afield.

Our real strength lies in the experience and expertise of our directors and staff who are always keen to offer professional advice on all aspects of Sales and Marketing for your assets.

The range and type of services, however, are extraordinarily broad. From commercial property to residential property, From Purebred Livestock to Thoroughbred Bloodstock, From Agricultural Land to Development & consulting and advising on maximizing same, to technological services, members of the Denis A. Barrett Auction Group advise, promote, curate, assist and innovate.

Why we do it?

At the Denis A. Barrett Auctions, our objective has always been to remain as diverse as possible, while achieving an enviable depth of knowledge across our range of expertise. We are justifiably proud of the strength and diversity of our professional departments, each of which offers a unique portfolio of services.

From the initial inspection to auctions, from sales and valuations to online technology, one thing remains consistent – a love of the Auction Method of Marketing of our beliefs that it is the preeminent way to sell all asset classes.

To be able to assist and advise those who share this passion for their assets, is what drives all those who work for the group. We thrive on partnering with those who share our vision for a marketplace founded on ease of access, transparency, information and, above all, integrity.

Our highly experienced staff can advise you on a wide variety of issues related to the sale and purchase of your assets, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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