Supersoil Organic Fertiliser

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Description Supersoil is an incredibly powerful organic fertiliser that restores the life & fertility to any soil. It can be applied at any time of year & once applied it starts working quickly and never stops. Supersoil is perfect for farmers, growers, gardeners, lawns, greenhouses, stadiums & soil restoration projects. Its so powerful it can even turn sand into soil. 1 kg contains 1,000,000,000,000 Supersoil microbes that work like magic and a powerful growth booster that’s the equivalent of 20 tons of organic compost. Supersoil is a highly concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water. Simply add Supersoil to water and apply using a crop sprayer, drench or even a watering can. 1 kg of Supersoil can be diluted up to a maximum of 1,000 litres - enough to cover 10 acres of farmland. 100g Pouches ( 1 Acre / Garden ) also available. Supersoil can be applied at any time of the year. After dilution, every single drop contains millions of powerful microbes that double every hour. Once they start working they never stop. These magical microbes suck nitrogen out of the air, bring nutrients to the plant and create rich, dark soil known as humus. It also removes huge amounts of carbon from the air which cools down the planet. Welcome to the future Is it certified for organic farming and growing? Yes - its certified with the Irish Organic Association Im not an organic farmer - if i use Supersoil will it reduce how much nitrogen i use? Yes - using Supersoil significantly reduces chemical nitrogen use 1 kg of Supersoil ( enough to cover 10 acres ) costs €299 inc Vat & free delivery. 100 g ( enough for 1 acre / garden costs €49 inc Vat & free delivery. Buy direct from the people who make it on or contact our office on 042 60 39020 #dairy #beef #suckler #cattle #sheep #horses #slurry #silage #manure #farming #soil #topsoil #food #nutrients
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